Are employers vicariously liable for data breaches of their employees?
What you need to know about the COVIDsafe Tracking App

On Sunday 26 April 2020 the Federal government released the COVIDsafe app to trace the spread of the coronavirus in Australia. The app which will act as a proximity detector to assist with contact tracing. It is voluntary to join, but concerns have been raised on possible impacts on privacy. This is what you need to know. 

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COVID-19 Relief: IP Australia Announces Certain Fee Waivers and Time Extensions
Mandatory Code of Conduct - SME Commercial Leasing Principles
Director Insolvent Trading

In light of the current COVID19 pandemic, the government has created temporary relief from the duty to prevent insolvent trading.

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COVID-19 and Contracts

With unprecedented uncertainty in the current business landscape, you may be wondering: what happens to your contractual commitments?

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Innovation patent ceases to exist - what impact does that have on Australian patents?
Intellectual Property Rights: The Strange Cases of the Macaque and the Machine
Share price valuation: market value or fair and reasonable value?
Drafting contracts: more than a conversation?

The decision of Petropoulos v CPD Holdings Pty Ltd provides an important lesson for businesses entering into a contract to fully record their intentions in writing and abide by them. The case emphasises the NSW Supreme Court’s strict approach towards enforcing written terms over any verbal variations. 

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