Client Update - sophisticated threat actor behind cyber-attack on Australian businesses
What you need to know about the COVIDsafe Tracking App

On Sunday 26 April 2020 the Federal government released the COVIDsafe app to trace the spread of the coronavirus in Australia. The app which will act as a proximity detector to assist with contact tracing. It is voluntary to join, but concerns have been raised on possible impacts on privacy. This is what you need to know. 

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Privacy Awareness Week

A preview Privacy Awareness Week in Australia beginning on 12th May, explaining the importance of data security and safeguarding your customers and your own personal data online

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Positive steps for trademark protection in China

Two successive decisions out of IP Courts in China from late 2018 have paved new ground for protecting unregistered well-known trademarks throughout the nation. As Australia’s top destination for international trademark filings, these developments are critical for...

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Landmark shift in Data Breach Liability – Former YAHOO Directors personally liable to the tune of US$29 million