IP and Research Commercialisation

Intellectual capital is the cornerstone of modern business. This capital is difficult to protect – particularly when you come to commercialise it. There are others wanting to take advantage of your work and in many cases it is only too easy for them to do so.

Some aspects of intellectual capital benefit from statutory protection as intellectual property – patents, copyrights, designs and trademarks and other more specialised forms. But in the main self-help is required. It is up to you to protect your intellectual capital – rather than relying on the statutory protection which may not always be available and – when available – may not provide adequate protection.

We are able to assist whether you are founding a new internet based business concept or commercialising university research. We understand how intellectual capital is used as a business asset – whether you are licensing in or licensing out, buying or selling, raising capital or borrowing funds or entering into a joint venture or collaboration. We represent those commercialising intellectual capital in many sectors, including life science, software and mechanical engineering. Our experience has been gained both in handling both in Australian and cross-border transactions.

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