Shareholder Arrangements

Many disruptive businesses are successful when they use the skills and/or resources of a variety of people. To properly incentivise people in a team, a company will look to a Shareholder Agreement as an essential foundation of the business relationship.

A Shareholder Agreement is the commercial equivalent of a Pre-Nup. It should be negotiated before the business starts when the participants will be best able to find and record solutions as to how they will deal with the inevitable “what if” events that can occur in any business relationship.

In our view there is no such thing as a standard Shareholder Agreement. No two relationships are the same. No two businesses are the same. No two sets of individual circumstances are the same.

With the benefit of many years experience, we can quickly identify the style of and depth of Shareholder Agreement that is required and tailor a bespoke Agreement from our substantial bank of precedents. Having assisted in many shareholder disputes we are well aware of the issues that can and do arise and assist you to ensure that you have thought of all eventualities.

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