Sam Hartridge

Sam Hartridge

Lawyer – Privacy and Data Protection

Sam is Aperion Law’s privacy and data security law specialist.

He regularly blogs about issues relating to these areas at 

His expertise encompasses NSW, Commonwealth, European and Californian privacy and data protection law. 

Sam takes a risk based approach to law - where risk = likelihood of occurance x consequences of occurance. He advises on techincal and organisational measures that lower both sides of this equation.  

Sam can provide advice the whole range of privacy and data protection risks including: 

  • Business processes and operations
  • Corporate acquisitions
  • Data supply chains
  • Action by privacy regulators, including complaints and investigations
  • Cross-border data transfers
  • Data breach planning and response


After service in the Australian regular army for a number of years, he transitioned to legal practice in 2013. Since entering the profession he has worked as a tipstaff in the NSW Supreme Court, and both in private practice and as in-house counsel at a Cybersecurity company. Sam has developed sophisticated strategies to mitigate legal challenges surrounding cyber security, ranging from pre-incident planning and preparation, through to incident response and post incident management. He is an Associate of The Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation and his research focuses on international law, criminal law, cyberwarfare, and government surveillance.

In addition to Sam’s experience in practice, he is passionate about legal education. As a Teaching Fellow at the University of New South Wales, he has taught a range of subjects including legal research, torts and international humanitarian law. Sam also develops and delivers continuing professional development seminars for legal practitioners and privacy training and current awareness for a range of non-legal audiences. Sam also serves on the NSW Australian Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Advisory Committee as the Community Speakers Network Convenor.

Please fee free to contact Sam concerning privacy and data protection matters. Please do not  send any other commercial electronic messages (as defined by the Spam Act 2003) to this email address.